Some may have wondered what happened to da dumbass and this story may tell you. This is a tragic tale of Judge Retard's disappearence and possibly some tacos. It was a shity morning when the Judge was writing an article for the greatest site on that web thingy,<u>'''''Wiki of Stuff'''''</u>. When Cory say Judge just standing outside staring of in to the distance he asked, "Hey brochacho, what ya doing?" The Judge replied "I'm looking..."

"For what?"

"I'm looking..."


Cory then screamed like a whiney ass bitch when he say the Judge's face melt into a puddle of stupidium. When Cory's part in the story ended the Judge was back on the computer writing the article that would blow a hole through your ass that is bigger than uranus. As he was about to sumbit the article he was attacked from the Monkey King thing from that other article. Before he knew it, he was being viciously gang raped by Mr. Shlong, Marigi, George W. Bush, a talking pizza, all the people that have ever been to this site <(*o*<)<(thats you!), Mr. Carter, Horny Billy Goats, that Hat in the Cat dude, Sonov Abitch, Bob, Jack Goff, Santa, Hitler, and Scooby Doo. Judge could see no hope for escape until.......................... nothing.

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