The Cat and The Hat...real? YES!!!! i have physical proof he is!

He isnt a lovable creature, he is a menace! he attack Brandon in his own house! he stole food, did his


business, and scratched Brandons face!His eyes are bright yellow! OMG! he is freakin scary?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

The story behind it:

Brandon recieved a forward from his friend Cory and it said "If you know what the foward was put it in here"

so 15 seconds later Brandon walks outside his room and he notices the bathroom lights were on, so he goes and see the Cat and th Hat sitting on his toilet taking a crap, quickly he takes his phone and takes a pic and then the cat turns his head and looks at Brandon and before Brandon can do anything, The Cat FLUSHES himself down the toilet!!!!!!! Brandon is like OMG! WTF! and he's texting Cory and telling him about this..this...AMAZING discovering, and Brandon runs outside and the cat is leaning on his chimney on his ROOF?! (His house is REALLY tall) and then The Cat jumps down and scratches Brandon on his jaw (im a witness i saw the scratch).


The next day:

He comes to school the next day and tells me the Epic story and I believe every word. He told me about the forward and then he said "Im going to search for The Cat again tonight!"


That Night:

He has Cory send him the forward WORKED!!!!

10 Seconds later:

He walks out of his room and down below in the kitchen there The Cat in in his fridge STEALING FOOD! Brandon pulls his phone out and takes a picture. He

quietly sneaks down and then he gets another picture of the cat closer up. (to the right).

Then The Cat looks at him. He has his phone and takes a picture.

Then The Cat walks into the frigde and his hat is sticking out (The bottom right). He grabs for it and right before he gets a hold of it, it goes in...


Till this day The Cat and The Hat has not been seen...some people believe The Cat is fake,made up,and doesnt exist. How? There are 6 pics of him! (only 5 on here though). HE DOES EXIST. Brandon goodluck finding him!

He was texting me through the entire thing. I am a believer of The Cat and The hat. If you believe in this story comment below, We needs your help to make it known.

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