Ryder was born in the small town of Arizona England, he was raised by a very rich family where at a young age he began to smoke lots of crack. After leaving home at the young age of 12 he moved to a small town in Washington where he met his mentor Carson. Carson Sue was a man who changed Ryder's life in many ways, but the most important way was by molesting him twelve times a day for 55 years. when Ryder left Cars on at the tender age of 67 he began to attend classes at brown university, still dealing with a serve addiction to crack Ryder soon slipped out of his highly complicated classes at university. Now at age 69 Ryder was out on the streets selling himself just for a few bucks, then his mentor Carson appeared. Carson took Ryder back under his wing and began to molest him 15 times a day. Ryder was happy again, but then after several years of friendship and loving Carson died "PLEASE FEED MY BIRDS" he yelled. "I will" said Ryder. and to this day Ryder feeds Carson's birds. And when he is not feeding Carson's birds he is sitting in the corner of the sex dungeon where he was once molested often and smokes crack. At the tender age of 112 Ryder over dosed on crack while getting hardcore anal for 12 dollars. Some may ask what happened to the birds, I say they died. But as Ryder lay dying he pulled the pulsating dick out of his ass and vomited and the fell to the floor with a smile on his face.

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