In a small town far far away..or really close...or somewhere that you don't know what i mean! anyways...In a small town farr far away..or really close...or somewhere that you don't know, there was a boy named....Chase, he was an ordinary person...umm mostly. He came to school one day ready to beat the living snot out of this book report that was DUE that day. He goes into his class and takes his report out...then his friend Brandon started looking at it and he's looking at it and cracks up laughing. The teacher walks by and Chase asked the teacher if he could go first.

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He goes up infront of the class and starts reading his book report presentation "Okay, yeah, this book, it's about a vampire teenager that has to keep his secret (being a vampire) a secret" everybody starts laughing and he ignores it...he continuing and he says "On a scale of 1 to 10 this book...SUCKS!" Everyone in the room starts bursting out laughing and Brandon puts his head down and is laughing so hard. When Chase sits down he asks why? So Brandon says "youre a dumbass! you forgot the title and on a scale of 1 to 10 you didnt use a NUMBER?!"

Jacob said "Best book report ever!" Ever since then...all three of them still remember that day, very well. Then the gamer universe was formed!...

Later on Brandon is FULLY responsible for this website youre looking at right now...Thank you and ENJOY!

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